3 Reasons Your Eyelash and Hair Extension Business

3 Reasons Your Eyelash and Hair Extension Business

While many beauty businesses either don’t bother with or neglect to invest in display boxes, we think it’s an essential part of running a business. But why? We’ve put together some key reasons why display boxes are important for your business. We need creative packaging for our products. So, creative cosmetic boxes are necessary for the boost of business.  

Display boxes are an important part of your marketing strategy: 

Display boxes and another packaging can be a great marketing tool, and a marketing budget can be a great way to grow your business. Of course, if you’re a small business, you probably don’t have a marketing budget. Luckily, you can still use display boxes and other packaging to bring in new customers and increase sales. Display Boxes Help to Increase Sales of both In-Store & Online Products


Whether you’re a salon, store, or eCommerce store, using display boxes to advertise products is a great way to encourage customers to be social and share their products and experiences. This can increase revenue from in-store purchases. Regardless of whether you’re selling products or services online, you’ll want to increase your organic search traffic, which will ultimately increase sales. Showcase your products prominently on display to find out how customers feel about them. The possible responses aren’t always as positive as you might hope. 

When customers walk into your store, smart display boxes can also help them discover various goods. 

Search a product name or describe what it is you sell on the product page. A business that uses a large variety of products, whether that’s online or in-store, can always add more products to its display. Showcase Multiple Products 

Many stores have multiple types of products with options for different shoppers. Customers usually choose which product fits their budget and wants first. Shopify stores are great examples of this. They have described Zappos shoes in many different ways in all price lines and styles. If that describes your product, you need to feature it for visitors trying to figure out which model to buy. If your product isn’t as well known, take advantage of your product descriptions to put it at the top of your display to capture new customers. Increase Loyalty Program Participation Purchasing gifts as a member of your nominated company is a great way to introduce your customers to your offerings and increase revenue. 

Use display boxes to increase brand awareness and drive sales: 

Display boxes can help you increase brand awareness and drive sales. If you’re a store that sells heavy or expensive products to ship, consider using a display box to attract customers. Display boxes are a simple and inexpensive way to build brand awareness and bring customers into your store. When deciding whether or not to use a display box, make sure the price you are quoted matches the upfront cost of the box. Some companies offer discounts for significant orders, making the purchase cost worth the price if the store can show the box in action. The main benefit of using display boxes is that they’re easy to sell and provide a great promotional opportunity. Since display boxes are easy to sell, your store will get more leads from display ads. 

A study revealed that merchants who employ display boxes experience a rise in sales: 

Because they use display boxes, shoppers traveling by car are drawn to the store. Upon entering the store, shoppers are lured to the shopping cart by our large display box. Customers want to add items to their shopping cart immediately; however, the store can’t dispense with the requirement that shoppers take an immediate inventory of all goods on display. 

As the “look at you, I make three figures here” store clerk. I’m told to “look at everything” by the salesperson when registering at the retail clothing store for the first time. When I do, I’m met with eyeballs designed to pique shoppers’ interest. Toward the front of the store, store employees encourage glancing around the area and toward the back of the store for products. If I want to view pants, it’s not outside the store where I can find them. I can see them in the clothing racks. 

Get the most out of your display boxes with these tips on how to use them effectively: 

Use the right box for the right product. If you try to sell a heavy, bulky item in a small box, it will be unappealing to your customers. By using a smaller display box, you will be making your product pop and more profitable. This doesn’t just apply to larger products either. If you only sell body oil — or anything that wears well — a compact display is best because it will look and be more appealing when hung up. 

Use smart placement. Display boxes are super useful as on-the-go tools to make your marketing stand out. Using displays strategically for keyword-based items your customers search for and for products they have a clever strategy. But if you use these techniques and templates all the time, it can become mundane and lose your edge. View more presentations from Mack Web Marketing. 

Make an organized and measurable environment: 

Everyone wants a unique space that personalizes and enhances your business. That space should also be easy to measure and track. Different brands and models of display boxes work very differently from one another. Using different sizes of boxes and different methods of mounting different pieces can drastically change the metrics. 

Boost social media engagement. Display marketing is an extremely effective way to re-engage and connect with those who visit your site on a regular basis through social media. While Small Business Saturday can be an opportunity to put your marketing strategy on display, you also have the opportunity to use social media positively as well. According to Simply Hired, more than 1.5 million jobs in the United States are currently open to full-time jobs (with benefits) available on social media. In this day and age, businesses are constantly communicating with potential customers. When we get quality custom packaging for our cosmetic products, then their sale boosts faster. 


Display boxes are an integral part of your marketing strategy, especially if you’ve invested in high-quality product packaging that will catch customers’ eyes on store shelves.