Why Romania Is Becoming a Top Destination For Outsourced Software Development

Why Romania Is Becoming a Top Destination For Outsourced Software Development

Since its accession to the European Union in 2007, Romania has become an increasingly attractive investment alternative for software development. Numerous firms have set up headquarters here, making it one of the most important technological hubs in Central and Eastern Europe.

Are you looking to outsource your project to a dedicated team somewhere in European countries? By enlisting the help of Romanian software developers, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and to your exact specifications.

Read this article to discover why software development companies in Romania have attracted the attention of tech giants in the industry. You just might find the perfect software development team for your next project!

Unveiling Romania’s Booming Software Development Industry

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Eastern Europe has been the peak of interest for foreign IT companies in recent years, and Romania has been no exception. The country boasts an impressive array of highly qualified software developers trained locally and abroad to fill the needs of companies looking to outsource their development projects.

The country’s strategic location in the heart of Europe allows software development companies to easily collaborate with customers from different countries and cultures, eliminating the need for costly customs clearance or double taxation agreements. Finally, Romania is well connected to Western Europe as it is part of the EU and NATO, making it an ideal place for software outsourcing projects.

Major international software companies have set up offices in Romania to exploit the available technical talent. Companies like Siemens, Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM have all invested heavily in the Romanian market to access the highly skilled technical workforce.

Software Development Companies in Romania: Why Choose Romanian Tech Talent?

When it comes to outsourcing software development projects, Romania offers several key advantages. Here are some reasons why you should consider working with a software development company in Romania:

1.   Cost Savings

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Software development companies in Romania are an excellent opportunity for businesses to save on costs while still receiving quality software development services. Romanian software developers are known for their competitive rates compared to European countries, with average rates going anywhere from $25-$199 per hour. With such prices, Romanian software companies’ wide range of technical expertise can offer quite a bargain.

Before hiring any team, looking at their quality standards, customer service protocols, and reviews from their other customers is essential to determine whether they fit your business appropriately. Make sure any savings are worth it; if the quality isn’t up to par or their customer service is lacking compared to your current provider, hidden costs may outweigh any savings you make.

2.   Strategic Location

While cost savings are one of the most critical market segments you should pay attention to, the average hourly rate for custom software development services will vary slightly among countries in Eastern Europe. It mostly depends on whether or not the said country has joined the European Union or not. But what makes a difference among these countries is their geopolitical advantage.

Software development companies in Romania have been steadily increasing their presence in Central and Eastern Europe due to the country’s strategic location. Romania is conveniently located between the European Union, Turkey, and Russia, allowing businesses to access a wide range of markets within proximity. Its infrastructure facilitates quick and easy transportation of goods, enabling greater speed and efficiency for businesses.

3.   Market Entry

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To succeed in Romania, software development companies must understand the local market and have a clear strategy. Companies should consider building relationships with local partners and leveraging those relationships to help develop their presence in the Romanian market.

The Romanian government actively encourages domestic software development companies to invest in research and development, creating favorable conditions for them to grow. This includes tax incentives, grants, and other support measures to promote software development in Romania.

By partnering with such a team of software developers, your company can access even more affordable rates due to these incentives. Most US manufacturers can even use this advantage and use the time to market through their software development partner.

4.   Highly Skilled Talent

Romania’s long history of producing highly qualified software engineers makes it a great place to find the perfect team for your project. The country boasts a large number of technical universities and the highest rate of IT graduates in Europe, ensuring that professionals are well-versed in the latest technologies and industry trends.

Romania’s invested focus on digitalizing higher education ensures its economic growth. According to country reports on education and training monitoring, the Romanian share of graduates from information and communication technologies outperformed was 6,9 %, while the EU average in ICT education was 3,9 in 2022.

5.   Experience and Quality

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The country’s strong technical background and talent pool have enabled its software companies to deliver projects successfully for some of the biggest tech giants in the world.

The digital transformation incentives the government supports have ensured a gradual incline of people employed in the IT sector. Even though there is an ongoing shortage of tech talent, Romanian software development companies are still able to provide experienced software engineers and developers for your project in:

  • Software Web development
  • Mobile app development
  • Cloud computing and data storage
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • DevOps and system administration
  • Blockchain technologies
  • Other digital transformation services.

6.   Cultural Adaptability

Software development companies in Romania have a strong understanding of the cultural differences between countries and are experienced in collaborating with clients from various cultural backgrounds. This lets them quickly become familiar with foreign markets, making them ideal choices for global expansion projects.

Furthermore, Romanian developers have proven themselves able to adapt quickly to different work processes and understand the nuances of other markets. This means Romanian developers can be an excellent asset for software development projects. They will bring their expertise to the table with a deep understanding of the target market.

Key Takeaways

Software development agencies in Romania can help you develop any software products from scratch or enhance any existing project, depending on your business objectives. When searching for skilled software developers, it is essential to take time, as some might provide services at a lower rate, but their quality ratio will follow.

The Romanian software development market is competitive, and companies should consider several factors when choosing the right partner. Firstly, look for experience and skill in developing with the latest technologies. Secondly, check if the company understands the local market and can provide insight into customer needs and trends. Finally, ensure they grasp cultural differences well, which will help them work effectively with international teams or clients. Good luck!