What Your Aura Colors Reveal About You: Aura Colors and Their Meanings

What Your Aura Colors Reveal About You: Aura Colors and Their Meanings

Right half of the picture (left side of your body):

This half of your body, which is yin, or passive, feminine, and receptive, symbolizes energy entering in. It represents the future energy you are cultivating and attracting. This energy, which we are utilizing inwardly, might be interpreted as how we regard ourselves. This side is a good representation of your creative and emotional side.

Everything above your forehead in the center or at the top of the photo:

This region stands for your consciousness, the current energy, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The closer the colors are to you, the more strongly you are seeing or thinking about them.

If the top portion of the image has a band of color that stretches out like an arch, this represents something you value highly or with which you are actively attempting to connect—hopes, objectives, or aspirations.

Expanding auras are a sign of extroversion, extroversion, social engagement, the need to connect, gregariousness, optimism, and a feeling of adventure. Inward attention, sensitivity, a need for seclusion, meditative state, calm, tranquility, or relaxation are all indicated by closer-in auras. Boundaries are the crucial phrase here.

Left side of the picture (right side of your body):

This side of your body is the masculine expressive (yang) side and it indicates energy leaving your body. It represents recently passed-through energy that is now being released and articulated. Due to the fact that this energy is external, it may also be considered as how others see you, also known as your persona. The colors on this side are associated with memories and actual, bodily changes.

Communication/Throat: Your communication style is indicated by this region. It usually only becomes visible when we are speaking aloud.

Heart/Center: This region denotes the energy that originates in your heart. Only at times of intense feeling and emotion, as well as when we consciously open up and are connected to this energy point, do colors frequently appear.



Red is the hue of the root chakra, which is associated with our relationship to our physical bodies and the material world. It emerges in the auras of daring people who enjoy bringing their desires into the material world and have a natural knowledge of their physical actuality. They are fervent and unapologetically passionate about having exciting and plentiful adventures as a physical being. This zeal and agitation keeps people motivated in life.

They typically have no fear of things like birth, death, excess, sensuality, or activities that make them tense. Powerful individuals who rarely forgo the joys of the physical level are those with red emissions in their energy fields. Your aura’s color saturation or brightness might signify a variety of things. If the red color in your aura is murky or dark, you might be repressing trauma, rage, or dissatisfaction. It may also be a sign of fatigue, low energy, or being overworked.


PINK / A real, lighter shade of pink is one of the less common aural hues. People that are kind-hearted and give off a nice, loving energy to everyone they come into contact with often have a bubblegum/baby pink aura meaning. They appreciate romantic love’s ideals, are extremely sensitive, and frequently have a natural capacity to maintain the passion in relationships. They have an inclination toward having intuitive skills and are naturally creative and healers.

Pink has a vibrational frequency close to that of green, the hue associated with the heart chakra. People that emit soft pink emissions in their aura make those around them feel safe. Because they immediately relate to the heart chakra, which is often linked with feminine energy, pink vibrations are cheerful and uplifting. A person with a pink aura may cure others with a kind word, a glance, a smile or just by being present, even when facing life’s most difficult obstacles. They serve as a subtle reminder to treat one another and all living things with respect.


MAGENTA / True originals have a magenta glow. Technically, magenta is the color that lies halfway between red color and blue color on the color spectrum. It is made up of these two frequencies. A person with magenta emissions in their aura combines an enhanced aptitude for intuitive thought with a mastery of the physical world (Red) (Indigo). People with magenta auras are most suited for creative work because of this mix. These high-energy, naturally inventive beings prefer to be original and inventive and dislike utilizing imitation as a form of creativity. People that have magenta in their auras typically follow their own path and view the world in their own unique way.

Although they can come out as a little quirky, they typically garner admiration from their peers. Following the herd, in the opinion of these individualistic thinkers, is tedious and constricting. There is no impact of peer pressure on them. They enjoy shocking people and jolting them out of their mundane, everyday lives. These distinct individuals tend to be upbeat and humorous in their outlook on life. Magentas are typically extremely clever and strong-willed, but they are rarely understood. They are creative people who are fascinated by the newest technologies. They do, however, deal with the material world, bending physical matter into new shapes that go beyond what is often thought of as normal. Being true to oneself is what matters most to these free spirits; they rarely care what other people think.


Orange, which is associated with creativity, sensuality, and our emotional stable body, is the hue of the sacral chakra. With a strong emphasis on friendships and social interaction, orange is the color of exchange and relationships. When it comes to work, resources, money, time, energy, or even love, those with orange color emissions in their auras resonate with the vibrations of joyous trade. Due to their capacity for relatability and sociability, they are strong at teamwork. People that have an orange aura are very sensitive and extremely energetic. With an orange aura, friendships form quite rapidly since these people are relationship experts, therefore strangers do not stay strangers for very long. Orange auras are associated with thrill-seekers who are restless and want to experience everything the world has to offer. Vibrating at a lower orange frequency can promote addiction or difficulty committing in relationships because they desire novelty and stimulation.


YELLOW / The solar plexus chakra, which governs our intelligence, self-esteem, and personal power, is represented by the color yellow. People that have yellow in their energy fields vibrate with vibrations of self-assurance, joy, satisfaction, self-worth, and the capacity to motivate others to achieve greatness. They are born leaders who frequently exhibit tremendous levels of enthusiasm and the capacity to inspire others. People with yellow auras naturally uplift and support others; they shine like the sun and may be exceptionally skilled at deciphering difficult ideas. They are warm and radiant like the sun, and those who shine yellow are full of inner joy, kindness, and naturally draw others to them. We may be experiencing self-criticism, perfectionism, overconfidence, or working too much from our ego-driven selves when yellow is darker and more dense in our aura.


TAN / People with a tan aura tend to be very analytical and logical. They decide to go through each of the first through ten steps meticulously. They tend to keep their emotions to themselves, are quite realistic, and are security-conscious. These are not risk-takers; rather, they want to lay a solid foundation first before making a jump. These methodical creatures can often complete laborious chores that irritate other people because they take a deliberate approach to life. They have straightforward personalities and value commitment over the long haul. Tan auras want to learn about, study, and comprehend three-dimensional reality. They think strategically and logically.


GREEN / Green tones resonate with the heart chakra’s vibration, which is the seat of spiritual development and healing. All creatures who come into contact with those who have green auras perceive their unconditional love and life force energy. As a result, people who consistently have bright green in their auras are usually drawn to nature and animals and have a natural ability to heal themselves.

Being in the company of someone who emits green energy can be a really tranquil and soothing experience. They are very self-assured and have a strong sense of obligation to others. The connection between the spiritual and material realms is made by the green aura. They are intensely driven people with lofty ideas and objectives who are also extraordinarily creative. If your green is dark or murky, you might be concentrating on thoughts of jealously or jealousy; you might be feeling victimized and seeing criticism from others as a compliment.

The throat chakra is represented by a lighter shade of cyan or turquoise blue, which governs self-expression and communication. A true blue aura denotes the presence of innate expressive abilities and the capacity for speaking one’s truth. People with light blue emissions in their energy field tend to have an inner wisdom and knowledge and to rely on their feelings rather than external facts or statistics to support their decisions. Personal relationships are very important to these expressive dreamers. They place a high value on communication that is sincere and concise. They make terrific philosophers because they enjoy gathering and imparting wisdom. The more tranquil and uplifting energy you emit, the lighter the blue in your aura.


INDIGO / Indigo blue, which is associated with intuition and inner understanding, is the color of the third eye chakra. Its frequency, which is related to having profound intuitive abilities, is the second highest vibrational energy of the visible spectrum. People that have indigo in their auras are highly tuned in and sensitive to other people’s energy; they frequently have vivid, real-life dreams and have a premonition of events. They are sensitive, but they also share their sensitivity by having empathy for others. Indigos frequently make decisions based more on emotion than reason.

By nature, they are seekers and perceive the universe as being more than just themselves. They are aware of the importance of being present and letting things unfold naturally. Indigo auras encourage intuition and make it simple to distinguish between reality and illusion. They aid individuals they encounter in understanding the wonders of the cosmos and its mysteries by serving as communicators and connectors. Darker, murkier indigo, like navy or peacock blue, might represent uncertainty, disconnection from intuition, and a period of self-doubt.

The hue of the crown chakra, violet (purple), is associated with our connection to our dreams and higher awareness. Violet auras are associated with active, charismatic, and strong personalities. In order to lead and inspire humanity and to lead us into a new era of prosperity, happiness, and completeness, it is their work or mission in life. They are idealists with high aspirations for the future. They are innate empaths who can detect other people’s vibrations with ease.

To inspire and urge others to share, they put themselves out there as open books because they seek connection. Fast-vibrating purple auras indicate a tight connection to the universe and hidden life energy sources. People that emit violet energy typically have a lot of thinking activity and the capacity to bring their projections into the physical realm. Additionally, they display a great degree of originality in their creative ideas, forward-thinking concepts, and unbiased perceptions that demonstrate concern for the entirety of the universal life matrix.

A pure, all-white aura devoid of any other color is associated with the soul chakra and signifies a being who has transcended the bounds of the physical world. These incredibly uncommon individuals, of which there may be just a few number on the entire planet Earth, are devoid of any emotional baggage, psychological difficulties, and physical ailments, which is why their auras solely emit pure white frequencies.

The most frequent are individuals that have white and other hues in their auras. These people have a spiritual motivation, are open and receptive to the cosmos, and are in a condition of spiritual motivation. They frequently care more about purity and truth than they do about material things or ambition. They are acting from a position of positivity, uplift, and non-judgment. The white energy is characterized by inner illumination and a desire for cosmic wisdom. White that seems foggy or muddy in the aura can represent being in transition, bewildered, or waiting for clarification. Read more on https://realrawnews.co.uk/.