Beating the Odds: How to Come Out on Top In Skill and Luck-Based Casino Live Games

Beating the Odds: How to Come Out on Top In Skill and Luck-Based Casino Live Games

Gambling involves betting on the occurrence of uncertain events. People gamble on the outcome of horse races, football matches, and elections. However, people not only bet on real-life events but also on a host of gambling games involving slot machines, cards, and roulette tables.

Most gambling games can be broadly classified into two types: skill-based and luck-based. The skill-based games like poker and blackjack can be mastered with a great strategy. However, luck-based games like roulette or slots largely depend on the player’s luck. So if you want to play your favorite game, you can go to to enjoy yourself.

How To Excel In Skill-Based Games


The secret to excelling in skill-based games is to learn the rules, master the strategies and practice. If you can devise a solid strategy and stick to it, the chances of winning are very high. So in games like poker and blackjack, the odds of winning are quite high. Here are some tips for mastering poker and blackjack.

Winning A Game Of Poker

In poker, the player aims to be the last man standing. If you have the best cards, you will win. Alternatively, you can bluff your opponents into believing that you have the best cards so that they fold. The simplest way to win poker is to excel at bluffing.

So the next time you wish to bluff on a poker table, keep the following things in mind.

  • Try to have calm and composed body language.
  • Bluff when the number of players is less. If there are more people at the table, the chances of being caught are higher.
  • Do not let your opponents gauge the strength of your hand. So if you have great cards, do not place very high bets; instead, place moderate bets.

Winning A Game Of Blackjack

Here every player plays against the house or the dealer. The aim is to get the maximum value of cards but keep it below or equal to twenty-one. Some common tips for winning a game of blackjack are as follows.

  • Stand when you are at twelve to sixteen, and the dealer is at two to six. Since you have a much higher value hand than the dealer, chances are that you will cross twenty-one before the dealer. So you must stand till the dealer and your hands are more or less at par.
  • Use the ace wisely. The ace can be used as one or eleven. So when your hand is valued at nine or ten, use an ace as eleven to make your total close to twenty-one. However, if the value of your hand is fifteen or sixteen, use the ace as one.
  • Double down when it is appropriate. Double down means that you double your bet when you are at eleven or twelve. As in such cases you get another card, and unless you get a very low-value card ( two to four), chances are high that you will win.

A player can excel in skill or strategy-based gambling games if he practices a lot. So the next time you play poker or blackjack, learn from your past mistakes and try to make the most of your strategy.

How To Excel In Luck-Based Games


In luck-based games, the strategy does not matter. But you can still make the most of a game if you follow some basic rules. Here are some tips to excel in games like roulette or slots.

Winning At A Roulette Table

In a roulette table, there are different numbers, and a person wins if the spinning ball lands on the number on which he has placed a bet. Here is what you should do to make the most of a roulette-based game.

  • Play on a table that has less number of zeros. Different countries have different roulette table designs. For instance, the European playing style has a single zero, but the Chinese style has three zeros.

The higher the number of zeros, the greater the house’s edge. If the ball lands on a zero, everybody loses. So if there are more than one zeros on the table, the house’s edge becomes larger.

Hence, as a player, you should always go for a table with fewer zeros. With one zero, the chances of the ball falling in the pocket corresponding to zero are the least, and with three zeros, the chances are the highest.

  • Never be biased towards a number. Some people mistakenly believe seven is a lucky number at the roulette table. But there is no lucky number as such, and there are equal chances of the ball landing in any of the pockets.

Winning On A Slot Machine

In Slots, a person wins when he completes a definite pattern (horizontal, vertical) on the machine. If the pattern on your machine corresponds to the winning combination, you win the game. You cannot do much to control the outcome in a slot machine, but some tips can help.

  • Play for smaller prizes rather than the jackpot. The patterns for the smaller prizes are simple, and the chances of winning are higher. So if you play for the smaller prizes, you will most likely not go empty-handed.
  • Play on a slot machine that has not declared a prize for a long time. When a machine has not declared a prize for a long time, chances are it will declare a prize very soon. So when you visit a casino, observe the slot machine for a while before you start playing.



Live casino games are always fun, but if you have the right strategy, you can also win money. With skill-based games like poker and blackjack, the chances of winning are quite good if you strategize well. Nonetheless, games of luck are equally popular, and many people have made huge fortunes by winning at a slot machine or roulette table. So depending on your personality type, you can play any game and also maximize your chances of winning if you understand how the house gets its edge.