The Essential Job Search Guide: Tips And Strategies For Landing Your Dream Job

The Essential Job Search Guide: Tips And Strategies For Landing Your Dream Job

Hunting for a job can look like a tedious job, and if you do not have a strategy, you can easily lose focus. Finding a dream job and creating your resume is part of the job search, but there are some additional steps that you can take. Having a clear career idea is vital, especially in a city like Wetaskiwin, as there are more than 700 businesses due to the proximity to rail, air, and road transportation. 

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Below are some tips to help you create your job-searching strategy and land your dream job profile. 

Know What You Actually Want

Dream Job

One of the most vital strategies, when you look for a job, is to decide what you want. Any kind of job will not work; you must decide if you want to do full-time, part-time, remote, etc. Next, you have to decide which type of company you want to work with, whether you want to work with an MNC, nonprofit, etc., If you are comfortable with a traditional nine-to-five job, or if you want to go for the night shift. Before you start your hunt, you must be clear about these things. 

Enhance Your Portfolio


A portfolio plays an essential role in landing your dream job. It is the first thing that your employer will see. So, you must try to make your portfolio stand out as the employer gets to see your work and then judge accordingly. You can link your articles, your projects, the video you created, or anything else. It basically depends on the type of work you do. So, always keep the samples ready as the employer might request you to show some samples. 

For example, if you want to apply for writing jobs, you must have samples of the articles or the content you wrote. Your website can also work as your portfolio. You can utilize this opportunity to make you stand out and tell the recruiters what makes you unique.  

Improve Your Skills

When you look for a job, one important part of the process is to improve your skills. First, you have to do an honest assessment, which means you have to see if you have the required skills that the job demands. For example, if you want to work in the material field, you know that being in management requires leadership skills. So to lead a team, you must work on your leadership quality

But how can you work on that? Well, the answer is not that difficult; you only have to identify your best skills. When you know which areas you are good at and which you are not, you can strategize accordingly. Skills are of two types, hard and soft skills. Hard skills are technical details, and soft skills are communication, teamwork, etc.; you can review your past work and identify your area of expertise. 

Networking And Getting Recommendations


One of the best to land your dream job is to start networking; that is, you have to connect with the professionals in your industry. You can go to events and trade fairs and contact people via email or linkedIn. This will help you in making fruitful connections. After you have made the connections, now, you can seek recommendations and referrals. Do you know referrals and recommendations work as powerful tools? Yes, these two help establish your credibility and the recruiter gets confidence in your abilities and skills. 

Diversify The Job Approach

You must diversify your approach and be open to more than one approach. There are different portals where you can look. For example, you can look at the job boards, these websites have different categories, and you can see several companies. You can filter your search according to your needs. However, this is not the only approach; you should not limit yourself. 

Another way is to check out the company websites. You can go to their career pages and see if there are any vacant positions. This approach is helpful as you get to know more about the company. You can also join a professional network such as LinkedIn. You can get information, make connections, etc. 

Keep Your Resume Current

Well, it goes without saying that the resume is important. One way to make your resume stand out is to use specific keywords and keep your resume up to date. When you use keywords, your resume can be easily found in search engines. When you create a cover letter then it might take some time. If you have a company in mind and want to apply there, you must create a cover letter specific to that company and the position. 

Have Patience


Last, you must always maintain patience and never lose hope. Finding a job can be frustrating, but a little hard work can take you a long way. Also, be active on social media and ensure you are aware of the recent developments in your field. If you see a position but lack the skills, you can work on it and take steps toward learning it. It is possible that you might become impatient, but you must not spam the recruiters by continuously messaging them. You only have to focus on the strategies. 


Summing up, starting your hunt for your dream job can feel like an overwhelming experience. It can be difficult as it seems like full-time work, and it can even take months. This can even make the most enthusiastic person tired out; however, if you have a job strategy, this process becomes easy. Also, another better way to land your dream job is to get help from career services. So, follow the tips mentioned above and strategies and be ready to fly high.