Getting Your Message Across: 5 Tips For Designing Effective Bus Wraps

Getting Your Message Across: 5 Tips For Designing Effective Bus Wraps

Promoting any business has become an expensive task these days. It is simply not enough to have a great set of clients, but to be able to make a mark in the market. And with the ever increasing competitions and a new business springing every day, it is now very crucial to focus on staying in the game. The same can be done by an effective and proper marketing team and strategy that would help you grow your business.

Wherever it comes to promoting and advertising stuff, the only few channels that come to one’s mind are the traditional methods, such as the television, and the newspaper. However, one of the most effective means is usually neglected in this, which is the vehicular advertisement. From cars and vans, to trailers and buses, these have been a great means of advertisements. There are many vinyl wrapping services available, both online as well as offline. You can get some of the best deals if you try to find on this site. These are the professionals who are willing to help you out.

While there are many things that one must keep in mind whilst getting their vehicle plastered with vinyl on all sides, and thus, it can become quite a tedious task to remember it all. This is the same with the bus wraps as well. Therefore, to help you out, the following article would deal with 5 tips for designing effective bus wraps and getting your message delivered in style:

1. Keeping It Subtle

It cannot be stressed enough that minimalistic, simple and subtle things are the best when it comes to communicating with the masses. This is true with the wraps around the vehicles as well. Even though buses are quite big, meaning they would have a larger surface area as compared to the other vehicles, still, it does not mean that you should squeeze in everything at one place. Overcrowding your canvas would only make it look messy, thus giving off the wrong impression to the onlookers.

Systematic and proper spacing of characters, letters and numbers, along with designs and other aspects is equally important and very essential. This would help the masses understand the concept clearly, making your hard work fruitful. Even spacing and use of negative spacing is crucial.

2. Be Sure Of The Dimensions

Checking the dimensions and measuring every inch of your bus is important, as you would not want your vinyl prints to be smaller or bigger than what is required. A smaller print would not be legible, making it very hard for people to read and comprehend. Additionally, a larger banner would simply not fit, thus making you lose money in both conditions. Therefore, it is important that you measure out your bus before going to the vinyl printers.

Moreover, many times, these printing firms have a template pre-designed for the vehicles, based on their models. But sometimes, over the years, these can get used out, or can give out a wrong measurement. Therefore, make sure that you are getting your bus measured properly, keeping in mind about every angle, handle and window.

3. Be Vibrant And Colorful

Being vibrant and colorful would make your design pop out. Remember that wherever you are getting a wrap around your vehicle, be it a bus or a car, it is done to stand out of the crowd, to make a space for yourself, and not to fit in with the rest of the world. And colors and bold designs would help you do the same, by setting a different example in this monotonous world.

Big and bold designs related to your project and company would also help you stand out in the crowd. Plus, it is a necessity to keep the icons big enough to make sure that they are properly seen even from some distance.

4. Placing And Positioning Are Equally Important

Making sure that your designs are positioned in the right place, so that it is clearly visible and legible to the people on the streets. Moreover, all your texts, the major tagline of your business and the mascot, if any, should be in the direct line of view to the others. Since this is a bus wrap in discussion, most of the viewers are expected to be seated in a motorized vehicle, such as a car or a van. Therefore, make sure that you have kept all the important and necessary details high enough for them, aligned to their point of view.

Moreover, it is always a great idea to make sure that your contact details, such as your phone number, email address, and social media handles are all written in large fonts, are correct and properly outlined, in order to avoid any errors, last minute chaos and reprints.

5. Know And Follow The Laws

There are many laws related to vehicles and vehicular plastering, such as it is illegal in some states to have tinted or covered windows. Therefore, it is quite important that you are aware of the laws related to motor vehicles and buses in your state, and follow them accordingly.

Moreover, it is important to keep these in mind whilst creating a design, as you would not want to face any legal actions taken against for being a little too bold in your choices.


Buses and other public vehicles are seen and used by millions on a daily basis. These are a source of revenue, and if used to their fullest potential, are a great return on investments as well. These buses can be used as little personalized billboards which would carry messages and advertisements everywhere they go. This is not only a simple yet effective advertisement tactic, but is also relatively cheaper in comparison to the other forms of promotions. Therefore, make sure to use these little yet efficient advertisement spaces to their fullest potential.