Navigating Online Reviews: How to Separate Fact from Fiction when Buying Online

Navigating Online Reviews: How to Separate Fact from Fiction when Buying Online

Shopping online is a great pleasure for each of us. Each of us enjoys going to one of the famous sites and looking for something beautiful, according to our taste and buying it, and all this is made possible thanks to technological progress, but also thanks to companies that bring products and services closer together and closer for all of us. It’s all more and better available, especially since the pandemic when almost every product and service is available online. Usually, most of the sites offer almost everything, and one example of such a great site is, which is very popular among some shopping lovers. All these online shopping services are a lifesaver for each of us.

No matter which site you choose, you will reduce the time you need for shopping, you will not need to leave home to get what you need, but you will also be able to conveniently and quickly get it all done. But before you buy, it is always good to read the reviews that are available on the internet, especially when it comes to the service, the availability of the products, and most of all the confidentiality of the site. Of course, it is important to recognize which of the reviews are real and which are fake to increase trust in the online shopping platform, so be careful while reading.

At the moment on the Internet, there are a really large number of sites that offer the opportunity to shop at a distance from your home. However, before you make a decision, you should know the experiences of all the others who were buyers of these sites before you, and their recommendations or warnings regarding the purchase of that site. For this purpose, read all the reviews that refer to that site, but before that, read to the end and find out how to recognize the real reviews from the fake reviews, which there are a lot of. Let’s get started!

  1. Reviews that are facts usually have evidence


Each of us when doing a review check, but above all, a fact check, looks for evidence. It’s normal and it’s in the nature of each of us, so it’s good to know that you should also do it on online sites that are intended for shopping from home. So, if you decide to look for truth in what is written and if you want to make sure that the five stars are really awarded, you need to look for evidence in the review. What evidence? Most often, buyers attach pictures of the products or certain other information and evidence that make it clear that it is really a positive or, on the other hand, a negative experience.

  1. If you see short praise it is good to know that it may be a forced review that is not true

It’s good to know that sometimes some of the reviews that can be read on online sales sites, especially those that are newly opened, can be untrue and forced. When we say forced, we mean that they were written by people who in return receive a service, money, or a certain benefit. That’s why it’s good to look at the reviews, see if almost all of them are composed of praise words and 5 stars, and draw a conclusion accordingly. However, this is not normal, there must also be some constructive criticism or suggestion that would motivate the sellers to focus on even better offering the service or products through their site.

  1. If you see an average number of reviews and over 90% of them are with positive comments, in that case, there is also room for doubt


The average number of reviews is from 50 to 100 reviews that are assigned in a short time. If you see so many reviews and if your work is suspicious, ie 90% or more of them are positive, then you can doubt the authenticity. However, if the site is new and has so many reviews in a short time, likely, that words and experiences are not important. However, it is best to read them all and see if it is really something that could be true or if it is a lie that should attract new users to the site who would buy online.

  1. If facts are in question, in that case, more details will be indicated

If you want to market a fact, in that case, you will explain it nicely, give more details and point out more information – this is a fact we can all agree on. So for example, if you see a review on a certain site, it’s good to look at all the reviews and see if it’s a great review because it has enough information and facts about a particular service or situation, or if it’s just another one. from a large number of praises for the service which is certainly not the best.

  1. If the reviews are written mostly by the same people, then there is room for doubt


Most of the time, on online shopping sites, you need to write a review with your username, and this can give you an idea of whether what is written is true or not. Scroll through the reviews and see if the same profile or more of the same profile have written more similar or the same review. After that, you will be able to make a decision and conclusion about whether these reviews are real, but above all, whether they are worth believing in because they can very easily give a wrong picture and hide the actual content and service of the site. 


Today we have given you some guidelines that can help you understand the reviews that have been left for a particular online sales site. Each of the reviews can easily let you know what kind of site and what kind of service it is, but above all, it should tell you if what is written is true or if it is just plain falsehood that should promote the site as being great. Be careful!