Preventing Plumbing Headaches: Maintenance Tips For A Stress-Free Home

Preventing Plumbing Headaches: Maintenance Tips For A Stress-Free Home

Dealing with leaking faucets and clogged drains is quite stressful. However, the plumbing system of the house always need not be a source of misery. You can have a bathroom with no leaky taps, perfect water pressure and no clogged drains if you are slightly careful.

Preventing plumbing malfunctions saves a lot of time and effort. So if you have not got plumbing servicing done, check this site for more piping related problems.

Ways To Avert A Plumbing Mess In Your House


Repairing a plumbing problem once it begins to manifest itself is challenging. So taking precautionary measures to prevent any major complications is always advisable. Some of the things that you can do to prevent common plumbing challenges are discussed in the paragraphs below.

Do Not Use The Toilet Pan As A Dustbin

There are many people who literally believe in flushing everything down that is hard to dispose of otherwise. So uneaten food, plastic, cotton swabs, tissue papers and a lot of other stuff get flushed in the toilet pan.

However, the sewage system and the pipelines are not meant to deal with plastics, cotton swabs, tissue paper etc. As a result, when you flush down plastic or used tissue paper, it creates a clogged pipe. Once the pipeline is clogged, the only way to get rid of it is to pay the plumber to get the plastics or paper removed from the pipeline.

Hence if you do not want to pay a whole lot of money to the plumber to clear out the mess, you must avoid dumping waste in the toilet pan.

Check For Signs Of Leakage


Leakage in the pipeline is a common problem when the pipelines get old. Checking for water leakages is quite easy. You can check for water droplets on the external wall of the pipes.

You may also carry out a water pressure test. If there is indeed a leak, the water pressure in your faucet will be less than optimal. Apart from these, you may get an indirect indication of a leak from a water bill. A disproportionately inflated water bill may indicate a leakage problem.

Leakages happen because the pipelines get corroded over time. However, if you do spot a leak, it is better to deal with the challenge immediately. If you ignore leakage issues, a disaster is waiting to happen in your bathroom or your kitchen.

Take Steps To Prevent Unintentional Clogging Of Drains

You might end up clogging your pipes if you accidentally deposit tufts of hair after bathing. Hence, it is better to cover mesh-like covers for all drains to minimize accidental clogging.

Insulate Your Pipes


If you live in the world’s temperate regions, protecting your pipes against freezing is crucial. The water in the pipe freezes to solid ice when the temperature reaches sub-zero levels. And when water solidifies it expands in volume, putting greater pressure and strain on the pipes that result in leaks and cracks. So if you want to prevent the water in your pipes from freezing, you must insulate them.

Try To Steer Clear Of Chemical Clog Removers

Chemical clog removers that mainly contain caustic elements are a rapid way of clearing out clogged drains. Chemical clog removers are easy to use, and they show quick action. So it is tempting to use them to clear clogs.

However, it is better to steer clear of them as they damage the lining of the pipes. So if you have a clogged pipeline, it is better to use a plunger to clear it rather than use a quick fix like a clog remover. If you think that using a plunger is difficult, you can always ask a plumber to clean the clog.

Use Water At A Low Pressure


It is better to avoid strong shower jets when you are taking a bath. Using strong shower jets or running the water in full force is detrimental to the pipelines. When the water flows under high pressure, it applies greater stain on the walls of the pipes, so it is better to use water at slower speeds.

Use Water Softener

In many places, municipal water contains hard water. Hard water has many dissolved salts. If the water is hard, salt will get deposited in the pipes, the geyser, etc. So if you wish to prevent salt deposition in your plumbing system, make use of water softeners.

Pay Attention To The Septic Tank


A septic tank is usually located in the backyard of the house. The wastewater from a household undergoes preliminary treatment in a septic tank. So it is essential to maintain the septic tank in a proper condition. The tank must be pumped every three to five years.

Clean The Shower Heads

At times the water flow in your shower may be interrupted due to the deposition of dirt or salt deposits on the surface and the pores of the shower head. So clean the shower heads regularly to get an unimpeded flow of water.

If There Is A Leak, Shut The Plumbing Valves


If you spot a major leak, you must repair it immediately. However, you must shut the plumbing valve till the leak is repaired. The plumbing valve regulates the flow of water in the pipes. If the valve is shut off, no water flows to the pipes. It is prudent to shut the valve immediately as it will prevent further damage. And the valve must be restarted once the repair work is done.


Maintaining the plumbing system of the house and avoiding any major mess is possible. You must inspect for leaks, insulate pipes, use water softeners and avoid using water at high pressure. Moreover, it is vital to pay attention to the septic tank’s health. And regular pumping of the waste from the septic tank is also essential.

If you feel you cannot pump septic tanks or clear clogs on your own, you can always have a contract with a plumber. However, most problems are avoidable if you are slightly cautious about what goes into your drain.