From Good to Great: Techniques for Enhancing Your Leadership and Management Skills

From Good to Great: Techniques for Enhancing Your Leadership and Management Skills

It is said that people manage, but leaders listen and lead. Leaders are well-versed in management and leadership skills after years of experience. These skills are crucial to get success in any field as even if a person joins as an ordinary employee, someday they will become a leader in their industry

An excellent leader can provide the right guidance, inspire people to do great work, and motivate people to overcome their challenges. People learn these skills over time but can also develop them by understanding the various techniques. There are a lot of online resources to learn about the best leadership and management courses NZ, like Mantle that can help people understand the skills required.

In this blog, we will see the various techniques that can help people enhance their leadership and management skills, which can help them to move from good to great.

What Is The Definition Of A Leader?


A leader listens to people and leads by example. They are the ones who need to have a clear mind, emotional intelligence, empathy, and zeal to work with their people. A leader can be a team leader, manager, or anyone who commands or delegates work to others.

Leaders should have various skills, from being good to great. Skills like emotional intelligence, a growth mindset, listening to people, and taking the initiative are vital to be a great leader. Let us learn about the various techniques one must know to be a great leader.

Various Techniques For Enhancing Leadership Skills

These are various approaches for enhancing leadership skills:

1.   Evolve A Growth Mindset For A Positive Environment

It is essential to have a growth mindset to be a great leader. A growth mindset signifies that the person is always positive even in a hostile environment, always looking for growth opportunities, and can also understand the growth mindset of their employees. It also means believing that skills can be developed as time passes by.

Great leaders do not have a fixed mindset where they think intelligence and capabilities are innate in people and can not be developed or improved. It also helps people see challenges as opportunities and use them to grow in their lives and careers. A growth mindset also allows people to be receptive to feedback and work on it, so it is crucial to have a growth mindset to be a great leader.

2.   Develop Emotional Intelligence To Understand Better


A great leader has a great Intelligence Quotient and practical Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence includes understanding people’s emotions, listening and empathizing. It can also be defined as understanding and managing one’s emotions and catering to them. It allows leaders to connect with their people at an emotional level.

This helps them to understand people better and also understand their emotional intelligence so that they can create a bond with them. People can work on their emotional intelligence by listening to and interacting with people and practicing effective communication.

3.   Communicate Effectively To Inspire

Effective communication is vital for being a successful leader. Leaders who can communicate effectively and have the power to inspire people to do better work in the profession, resolve conflicts as they are considered right and clear in mind, and also motivate their team to create a positive work environment.

Leaders can practice active listening to improve their effective communication. Active listening includes patiently listening to people and their concerns, showing genuine respect, and communicating effectively. They can practice paying attention while someone is speaking to understand what they are saying.

They can also be clear in their communication, avoid using heavy jargon which is ambiguous for people to understand, and also try to be adaptive to feedback so that they can change their communication style as per the preference of their team.

4.   Delegate Work Effectively Among People


Great leaders tend to identify the right people for the right job. It is a critical skill for effective leaders. It allows the leaders to focus on more tasks that require their attention and provide growth opportunities to the right people who deserve it. It allows great resource allocation and inspires people to take up challenges and grow in their careers.

Delegating the right work to the right people is very important for a leader as it can save them time and hassle to finish the work properly and quickly. People with the right expertise can work on the appropriate thing and can finish the task effectively and quickly. Great leaders can identify these resources and allocate them to the right task.

5.   Lead By Example To Motivate People

One of the biggest traits of a great leader is to lead by example for other people. A great leader not only talks but walks the talk too. They become an example for their fellow teammates to look upon and take the initiative whenever required. They behave and respect the way they want to be respected. They turn out to be an example that can motivate and inspire people to be better.

Leaders can effectively communicate their beliefs and values to their teammates so they can follow the same. They also set high work standards so their teammates can overcome and achieve challenges. It is vital to be genuine and authentic as this garners real respect among the teammates.


Leadership and management skills are vital to be a great leader. These skills can be developed with time and can be practiced effectively. Leaders should have a growth mindset to turn challenges into opportunities for growth. They should have the high emotional intelligence to better understand and empathize with their teammates. Great leaders can communicate effectively to make their teammates understand their expectations and concerns properly to work effectively together.

One of the most important things for being a great leader is leading as an example for teammates. Practice effective communication in the workplace so that people can come up with genuine concerns and solve their problems to work effectively in a positive environment. It requires constant effort and practice to be a great leader, and we hope this article helped you learn the techniques required to be great from good.