Top 7 Podcasts For School Counsellors With Their Important Focus

Top 7 Podcasts For School Counsellors With Their Important Focus

School counsellors also have a role in education in along with their counselling duties. In relation with their pupils, they deal with questions that relate to the academic and ethical realm. A career in this area can be challenging, but extremely rewarding.

Counsellors must have current information and a location to learn new abilities and knowledge, watching podcasts is a great way to stay informed about the latest issues they confront.

Below are a few of the most popular podcasts you can pick from as school counsellors.

School Counselling Simplified Podcast

Teachers may stay in their field of expertise they love for their entire life, yet many do not last after five years. The budget cuts of parents, tests changes, and incompetent administrators could make a teacher’s job almost unbearable after many years of schooling. This podcast gives educators the necessary resources and the community they need to be successful in their field of expertise. Being among the top podcasts for school counsellors, it helps teachers and counsellors to persist in the face of difficult situations by equipping teachers with the strategies and the necessary knowledge.

A Day in the Life of a School Counsellor

This podcast stands out from the rest because it’s a video podcast. Marissa Rex teaches first grade and is an elementary school counsellor and she shares with you the things she does each day, and how she schedules her schedule to get things completed. The podcast is a component of the platform, which contains blogs, resources, and program information for elementary school counsellors.

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Poppy Moon’s School Counselling Podcast

Poppy Moon is a school counsellor in the University of West Alabama, in which she is director of the school. Through the years she’s learned some tips and techniques which have helped her become a better school counsellor. She guides her podcast’s listeners in the same way as she guides her students at school. Dr. Moon dedicates a whole episode to the discussion of notes, documents and the best ways to collaborate with tiny groups of school students. This is a great podcast for students studying counselling as well as recent graduates.

American Counselling Association

The episodes of these podcasts can be downloaded directly onto members’ computers. Podcasts focus on counselling including “Values and Ethics in Counselling.” However school counsellors may be able to find “Hunger, Hope, and Healing” as well as “Counsellors in Transition” useful. “Integral Deep Listening” is an important foundational episode for professionals in the field of school counselling. In order to be useful for school counsellors, the podcasts should be informative and therapeutic.

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The Cult of Pedagogy

The Cult of Pedagogy provides a large collection of podcasts covering different aspects of education, like edtech, classroom management, education reform and teaching methods. Jennifer Gonzalez, a former teacher and company founder, shares practical advice to help teachers become more effective. In”Just Add Motion to Boost Learning, “Just Add Movement to Boost Learning,” she outlines six strategies for bringing students to move in the classroom.


This podcast examines current school counselling issues and the latest developments that school counsellors are faced with regularly. One of the interviews has been conducted with Kristin Kelly. Kelly discusses the ways counsellors can assist children who are in foster care. Another example of this is an interview of Florida counsellor who addresses the loss of respect at schools.

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#EdChat Radio

Bam Radio is the largest all-educational talk radio network in the world and is the ones that host #EdChat Radio. The podcasts function as an instrument for collaboration and also cover discussions that take places on Twitter (thus using the #edchat hashtag) as well as issues that are relevant to educators wanting to stay up-to-date with the current happenings within the field of education.

Trust For Teachers

Truth for Teachers from Teacher Angel Watson is an extensive collection of podcasts with practical suggestions for classrooms and encouragement to keep going. The main goal is to encourage educators to be successful in their profession. For instance, the episode entitled “Fewer Things, Better: The Courage to Focus on What Matters Most” offers the opportunity to reenergize teachers who are constantly being told they’re insufficiently doing their job. If you’d like to go further into the subject matter, Watson has a book that has the same name.

Google Teacher Tribe

It is the Google Teacher Tribe podcasts, created by teachers Matt Miller and Kasey Bell discuss practical strategies for teachers to incorporate G Suite and other Google resources into their classes as well as lesson plans. If you’re looking for innovative ways to utilize Google then check out the podcast episode on Apps that integrate with Google Classroom In this episode, they talk about apps like Duolingo, Quizlet, and Flipgrid that you may have heard of. Do check out 9xmovies green in your free time.

The Edtech Podcast

Sophie Bailey, the originator of the Edtech Podcast and an education strategy consultant for innovation, hopes to foster conversation among “ed” and “tech” by using storytelling. This dialogue will ultimately boost the creativity of both. The majority of listeners are teachers and professionals in the field of education However, there are individuals from startups, government agencies blue-chip firms, as well as investors. Anyone who are interested in edtech should check out “What Do Teachers Want from Edtech?”


Podcasts that are geared toward school counsellors are great for listening to while driving either to or from work or while you are cleaning your home. They are particularly useful for professions like school counselling. They are where the counsellors are exposed to high levels of stress and often face difficult conditions. Therefore, you should listen to these podcasts for practical tips and stay informed of current information on the field.