Virtual Advantages: Are Online Casinos Now Better than The Real Thing? (2023)

Virtual Advantages: Are Online Casinos Now Better than The Real Thing? (2023)

Anyone who keeps an eye on the global entertainment sector knows that online casinos have taken off in the last few years. This is very true around the UK, where iGaming is an industry that generates billions in revenue each year. This digital transformation in terms of how people like to play casino games has picked up pace rapidly and now sees digital casino platforms starting to overtake real ones around the country.

This is easy to see when you look at what the latest iGaming sites offer and the number of features they come laden with. As a result of this, and the sheer popularity online gaming now enjoys in the UK, you can see why many claim they are now better than offline casinos.

But what exactly is it about the best internet gaming sites which set them apart from real ones?

Bonuses and Extras 

Online Casino Bonuses

One of the most obvious reasons you could say online casinos are now better than brick-and-mortar ones is the bonuses they give out. Although offline casinos may be starting to catch up a little in this regard with bonus schemes of their own, online gaming sites are still far ahead of them in this key area.

Welcome bonuses for new players are a great example and help give online casinos the edge over real ones. From free spins which give you the chance to test out the latest slots to deposit offers which give you more cash to game with, the extras that online casinos use to attract customers are simply awesome.

It is not just promotions for new players which explain why online gambling sites have moved ahead of their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Regular promo deals for existing users are also common in the online casino sector and see players being rewarded for their loyalty.

This is not just in the UK online casino industry either as all the best gaming sites that operate in global territories such as the US also tend to give people cool freebies on their birthdays. The iGaming platforms at CasinoTopsOnline that give out top birthday casino bonuses to players show how this works in practice.

Choice of Games 

There is no doubt that online casinos have developed a great deal over time and have now moved ahead of physical casinos in many people’s eyes. Another reason this has happened lies in the wide choice of games the best online casinos have compared to those in the real world.

A quick look at most modern iGaming sites shows that they have hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of games to enjoy across a range of categories. This often includes slot games, table games, bingo, scratch cards, exotic games such as Pai Gow, live games, and more.

Within these various categories, iGaming platforms will also have titles from a selection of top software developers and in a range of themes. Slot games perhaps best sum this up and you can find feature-packed slots in many different themes online.

Offline casinos simply cannot compete with this range of options, and this has seen online casinos overtake them in the last few years.

Mobile Play

Mobile Play. Concept for depiction of the rising popularity of mobile casinos

Convenience has always been one of the main benefits that online casinos offer that offline ones do not. After all, being able to play whenever you like from the comfort of your own home is a massive advantage that online casinos have over real-world ones for UK users.

The last few years though have seen mobile gaming take off for online casinos and help them gain even more ground over physical gaming sites. With a UK gambling commission report on online gambling showing that mobile play is especially popular with the younger generation, this is only likely to become truer as time moves on.

Due to the popularity of mobile gambling and the focus that online casinos have put on this in recent years, it is easy to see how this gives them a real edge over brick-and-mortar casinos that cannot offer the same thing. Being able to take the casino with you via your mobile device is a major draw in terms of online gaming and not something that offline play can ever compete with.

The Latest Tech Has Helped Online Casinos Grow

If we are thinking about whether online gaming sites have now grown to be better than real-life casinos for UK gamblers, we need to look at the way tech plays its part. In the past, the one factor that held iGaming back somewhat was the virtual experience it offered. This did not offer quite the same authentic casino atmosphere as enjoying a few games in a real casino with real people and dealers did.

In the last few years though, online casino platforms have cleverly used the latest technology to bridge this gap. Live dealer games are a great example and enable people to get a much more authentic, interactive experience when playing from home. Live chat customer support has also helped make casinos more human and compete well against offline ones in this regard.

If the metaverse and VR tech have as much impact moving ahead for blending online and offline play, then we could see digital gaming sites offer an even more immersive experience to attract players. Just as the future of IT recruiting looks interesting, the way forward for tech in online casino play is also fascinating.

Online Casinos Are Now Better than Offline Ones

Laptop Keyboard with Poker Chips and Dice. Depiction of Online Casinos

When you take all of the above into account, it is easy to see why claiming online casinos are now better than real ones is no joke. Although people may have taken a while to get used to iGaming sites when they first appeared in the UK, they are now the go-to choice for lots of people who want to try out classics such as roulette or blackjack.

Of course, this does not mean physical casinos don’t attract customers still or have been forgotten entirely. It does mean that, while some people may still play at offline casinos around the country, online casinos have arguably become the number one way we like to gamble in 2023.